About us

Who We Are

The Argyll and Bute Third Sector Interface (TSI) stands as a beacon of support and development for the third sector within Argyll and Bute. We encompass charities, community groups, social enterprises, and voluntary organisations, all working towards enriching our community without the drive for private profit. As one of 32 Third Sector Interfaces in Scotland, our mission is to cultivate capacity, encourage collaboration, and provide essential resources and advice.

Our Role

We serve as a dynamic hub, bridging the gap between third sector organisations, the government, and local communities. Through our comprehensive range of services—including capacity building, funding advice, training, and networking opportunities—we empower these organisations to achieve their missions and positively impact our communities. Our initiatives extend from offering guidance on funding applications to facilitating vital networking and partnerships, all aimed at nurturing the growth and development of both new and established organisations.

Solving Key Challenges

We address critical issues such as resource limitations, volunteer shortages, and organisational isolation, especially prevalent in rural areas like Argyll and Bute. Our services range from a Community Directory and Volunteering Portal, connecting individuals to impactful opportunities, to providing expert guidance on navigating legal and regulatory frameworks. We champion effective community engagement strategies, capacity building for smaller organisations, and assist in securing sustainable funding sources.

Advocacy and Information Sharing

As advocates for the third sector, we represent their interests in policy discussions, ensuring their voices are heard and needs are considered. We also keep these organisations informed and updated through our website, mailings, and social media, helping them stay abreast of relevant news.

Our Message

At the Argyll and Bute TSI, we are more than just a support system; we are a unifying force, dedicated to empowering third sector organisations to overcome obstacles and make a lasting, positive impact in our communities.

Our Logo

Our logo was inspired by the geography of Argyll and Bute.

The shapes on the logo represent the areas of the mainland and the islands that we support.

The colours reflect the beautiful colours of the water, forests and mountains of the region.

The logo was designed by Katie Edge Mellor from Own Way.