All Our Children


All Our Children focuses on enhancing communication, participation, and cooperation among Third Sector organisations and statutory partners in Argyll and Bute. Its goal is to improve the lives of children, young people, and families by providing a unified and coordinated representation to partner agencies. This partnership complements, rather than replaces, local networks by bridging them with strategic groups to bolster the Third Sector’s involvement in children’s service planning and delivery.


  • Linking Strategic and Local Groups: ABCTSP aims to be a bidirectional link between high-level strategic groups at the Community Planning Partnership level and grassroots local groups and networks.
  • Central Contact Point: It strives to be the primary group for statutory partners to consult on issues affecting children, young people, and families, including matters of Children’s Service Planning and strategic commissioning.
  • Strengthening the Third Sector’s Voice: The partnership seeks to amplify the voice and influence of the Third Sector in the region.
  • Promoting Best Practices and Collaboration: It focuses on sharing good practices, encouraging collaboration, and providing networking opportunities to Third Sector organisations.
  • Enhancing Internal Communication: ABCTSP works to improve communication among Third Sector organisations themselves, fostering a more unified and effective sector.

Each of these aims contributes to the overarching purpose of the ABCTSP in supporting the welfare and development of children, young people, and families in Argyll and Bute.

11th June 2024 Meeting

16th April 2024 Meeting

6th February 2024 Meeting

23rd November 2023 Conference

13th of June 2023 Meeting

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