Living Well Partnership

In early 2022, partners including the TSI, HSCP, Macmillan, and LiveArgyll came together with a commitment to working collaboratively.The initial aspirations of the group were to embody a philosophy of prevention, by focusing on wellness, not illness. With the intention of enabling and empowering those within Argyll and Bute to live well.

These shared partnership intentions led to the amalgamation of the Prevention Board and Living Well Board. One fundamental aspect of supporting these intentions lies within the supporting, seeing, and strengthening of assets already inherent within our communities.

This includes ensuring that the range of activities that support Living Well in local communities are known and that gaps can be identified and potentially filled, as well as identifying and fostering the conditions that allow grassroots community assets to germinate and flourish.

The main intentions of the Community Assets workstream are understood to be:

  • Identifying the existing assets and resources within local communities to support the Living Well intentions
  • Recognising the power of local people in making their communities good places to live
  • Supporting community action on shared priorities for Living Well

The TSI are in partnership with the HSCP and MacMillan Cancer Support to progress this work to enable and empower those within Argyll and Bute to Live Well.