We are a key source of knowledge in Argyll & Bute, focusing on supporting local Third Sector organisations. Our role includes keeping a close eye on policies at local, regional, and national levels to understand how they might affect these organisations, their communities, and the people they help. We also work to ensure the Third Sector’s views are heard and considered, both in our local area and across the country. We lead, offer insights, and work together with others to help our local Third Sector tackle the specific challenges we face in our region.

On this part of our website, you’ll find information about ongoing policy discussions at both the national and local levels and how you can get involved. We also keep you updated on local events and chances to have your say.

Our work is divided into several key areas, which we call networks. These networks focus on different priorities in our region, including:

We work to improve the health and wellbeing of adults in our area, ensuring they have the support and resources they need.

We are dedicated to supporting the wellbeing and growth of our youngest community members.

We help local social enterprises grow and positively impact our community.

Besides our local initiatives, we also have strong connections with government bodies and national groups. We work together to represent the Third Sector’s interests effectively. You can learn more about these networks on our Other Networks page.

We are part of the TSI Network in Scotland, which includes 32 TSIs covering all local authorities in the country. We share best practices, exchange information, and work together to influence Scottish Government policies affecting the Third Sector. Our joint efforts aim to represent and support the Third Sector across Scotland strongly and consistently.