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If you are here then you may well have noticed that we have a new website including an updated TSI logo!  All of this has been driven by the need to improve the services we offer to community groups as well as to communicate in a more transparent and accountable manner.  So, for instance you will be able to view my calendar to see what meetings I am attending on behalf of the third sector.  Ahead of key meetings I will post a blog update and ask for any views on key agenda items.  Members will be able to comment below the blog post and I will then feed your points into the meetings.

We have also refreshed the toolkits and will be adding much more content over the coming weeks and months.  This will include a health check tool for groups to benchmark their organisation against best practice.

There is also a more user-friendly events board, a jobs board and a volunteering page which members can use to promote events, volunteer opportunities and advertise job roles.  Becoming a member is as simple as adding your name and organisation and it has the benefit of managing your mailing preferences too – be sure though to tag CEO updates if you want to comment on agenda items at forthcoming meetings that I attend.

The old website did not have a search function and we hope that in time this new website will become a valued repository of knowledge and a source of mutual support.  The intention is to build much more dynamic content as well as to start a continuous online conversation with you all.  In that sense we need your active input so do have a look around the site and let us know what you think!

If you have a success story or something you want to share about community action you can be a guest writer or we can write up the story for you.

A word on the new logo – a big shout out is due to Katie at Own Way Design as she really did us proud.  The design is based on the islands. colours and geography of Argyll and Bute and we think it is a massive improvement on the old one.

Jane and Richard at Maraid Design did a great job of designing the new website and they have made navigation and content creation so much easier. Not only that but they have managed to reduce the carbon footprint of the site and instead of an F ranking (the worst) it now scores an A.  Check out your own website’s performance.

Of course a major thank you is due to Lauren and Phil at the TSI who together have driven this project over the course of the last year.

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