Resource category: Volunteering

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  • Confidentiality Policy and Agreement

    Author Lauren Martin

    This policy outlines what the responsibilities are and how you must treat and protect people’s personal information.

  • Volunteer Information Form Template

    Author Lauren Martin

    This form can be used to record important information about your volunteers, for example: emergency contact information. This must be...

  • Volunteer Risk Assessment Template

    Author Lauren Martin

    It’s important to consider any risks that might be involved in each volunteering role. This list is not finite, but...

  • Volunteer Health and Safety Policy Template

    Author Lauren Martin

    A useful policy template for Health and Safety that will cover paid workers and volunteers.

  • Volunteer Health and Wellbeing Self Appraisal

    Author Lauren Martin

    Use this template as a way of measuring the Health and wellbeing of your volunteers.

  • Volunteer Friendly Standards

    Author Phil Ashby

    This document outlines the standards required and used within the Volunteer Friendly Awards framework

  • Volunteer Role Description Template

    Author Argyll & Bute TSI

    This template can be used to describe the volunteering role in detail and can be amended to suit your organisation.

  • Volunteer Induction Checklist

    Author Argyll & Bute TSI

    This checklist is an example of what should be used when introducing a new volunteer to your organisation. You can...

  • Managing Challenging Volunteer Situations

    Author Argyll & Bute TSI

    Sometimes things can go wrong and it is important to know how to handle these types of situations. This document...

  • Volunteer Policy Template

    Author Argyll & Bute TSI

    This is a sample Volunteer policy that you can amend and use for your organisation.

  • Safeguarding Policy Template

    Author Argyll & Bute TSI

    This a Safeguarding Policy Template that can be downloaded and edited to suit your organisation.