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Last week’s Argyll and Bute CPP Management Committee introduced and approved a new model for Community Planning with four tiers of meetings and engagement instead of the current three.  The new model involves the use of a statutory partners only oversight group with no TSI and TSO representation (unlike at present on the current Management Committee), a once a year only Community Planning meeting (with wide representation as now but it has not met in a while), the four Area Community Planning Group meetings (as now) and the use of working groups to lead specific pieces of work.  This latter is a good innovation with the Climate Change Working Group providing a good test of change, but it is the manner of change and the lack of consultation that is surprising.  The model also misses the opportunity of increasing the power and scope of Area Community Planning Group meetings.

As an example, using the current model the TSI, supported by our Social Enterprise Network, was able to promote Community Wealth Building and proposed the research described above to the CPP at one of the four meetings annually.  In the new model there is no method for a TSO to propose innovation or to directly collaborate on the community planning agenda at the oversight group.

The paper appeared somewhat rushed, with the change taking place immediately and with no comparator information provided on arrangements with other CPPs – a question that was asked by the Scottish Government observer.

The TSI role across Scotland is to operate at the interface between public and third sectors and this appears to be a surprise step in the opposite direction.   Some public bodies present welcomed the move as they had to represent their organisation at up to six council area CPPs and this move makes their attendance at these more manageable, however this should not be at the expense of local voice and TSO representation.  This point was made and ABTSI objected to the proposal.

The TSI will be in consultation with TSO groups on next steps and if our members wish to lobby for change then we will take this view to CPP lead partners and the new administration – at the very least consultation should have taken place and elected members should have been present.  More on the CPP report here from the 10th April 2024 meeting.

Let us know what you think to the plans by posting a comment below or contact me directly at [email protected].

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    Campbell Fox

    Takki – as reported this comes across as extra bureaucracy and less community influence. I’d be happy to discuss with you – Campbell Fox, Chair, Kintyre Seasports.


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