Statutory Boards and Bodies

Alongside our local networks, we have strong connections with local government and health bodies as well as national groups. We collaborate to effectively represent the interests of the Third Sector in Argyll and Bute. You can find more information about these boards and bodies below:

  • The Integration Joint Board The IJB in Argyll & Bute plans, manages money, improves services, works with different groups, listens to the community, and makes sure care is better, with our CEO, Takki, representing our sector’s concerns at their meetings.
  • Argyll and Bute Council Argyll and Bute Council collaborates with the Third Sector, hosting meetings to discuss important matters and gather input, ensuring the community’s needs are heard and addressed. Takki attends a number of council bodies on behalf of the third sector and this includes the quarterly Community Planning Partnership Management Committee, the Corporate Parenting Board (which he co-chairs), the Community Justice Partnership, the Children’s Strategic Group, the Equality Forum and the Financial Inclusion Advisory Group amongst others. He will post agenda items in his CEO update blog and you will then be able to comment on agenda items and/or ask for concerns to be raised. Kirsten Johnston represents the TSI at the Local Employability Partnership amongst other Boards.