Argyll Community Lottery

Have you signed up to be a good cause yet?

  • Charities and voluntary organisations in Argyll and Bute should consider registering for the Argyll Community Lottery because it offers a straightforward and cost-free way to raise unrestricted funds.
  • By creating a customisable lottery page without any setup or administration fees, 60% of ticket sales go directly to good causes – 50% to your cause and 10% to a central fund. The funds are conveniently transferred to the cause’s account each month.
  • Furthermore, it provides a great incentive for supporters as each ticket has a 1 in 50 chance of winning, with prizes up to £25,000!
  • Additionally, the Argyll Community Lottery assists in marketing, providing materials and regular updates, and there’s no need to handle ticket printing or prize distribution, as this is all managed by the lottery.
  • This setup makes it a highly appealing and effective method for local causes to generate unrestricted funds while engaging the community.