Hosting a Volunteer Placement

For Positive Destinations to successfully deliver the benefits of volunteering we need to be in partnership with organisations that are willing and able to supply suitably supported placements.

Could you offer a placement that could change someones life?

“The centre has changed everything for me. I love to help others and be involved, the centre is like a home with a different family. I feel important when I’m here, I feel liked I fit in, it’s a safe space for me.”

Positive Destination Volunteer

As each volunteer will have an individual set of difficulties they are trying to reduce, their support needs will also differ. The selected placement has to provide a level of support appropriate for the individual to help develop social and communication abilities as well as, perhaps, practical skills. To agree on the level of support needed and the nature and extent of the work to be undertaken, the Volunteer Co-ordinator from Positive Destinations will talk, in detail, with the potential placement host.

A placement commits both the volunteer and host organisation to a continuous volunteering period of 26 weeks, with a minimum attendance of one session each week (approx. 4h), but more hours can be agreed.

“Coming on the program was in its self a positive destination where they and their family are concerned. As well as emotional and personal growth they have also learned lots of practical skills too – however it’s their ability to join a team, use their initiative and cope with their mental health challenges whilst doing that is probably their biggest achievement.”

Mentors Notes

Each volunteer has a personal mentor assigned for the 26 week period, who will make sure that the volunteer meets their obligations in full e.g. time-keeping and the required volunteering duties. The mentor will also work with the host organisation to ensure that, at a reasonable level, the benefits best suited to the individual are available. The nature of the placement can be changed over the 26 week period, with the agreement of the volunteer and their mentor.

Suitable opportunities may come from the voluntary sector, often familiar with providing additional support to employees and volunteers alike, but public and private sector organisations can also make suitable partners. Examples of recent placements include; plant raising and bed maintenance in a community garden, sorting donations in a charity shop and clearing tables in a shopping-centre café. In each case the volunteer was able to increase their input and level of responsibility as the placement progressed. If you think your organisation may be able to host a placement, please call, text or mail Brian Grout, the Volunteer and Mentor Co-ordinator to have your questions answered.