Integration Joint Board (IJB)

The IJB in Argyll & Bute has a specific role when it comes to health and social care. It does several important things:

  • Planning and Coordinating Services: The IJB makes plans for how health and social care services should work together in our area to meet the needs of our community.
  • Managing Money: It looks after the budget for these services, deciding how to use money for different parts of care to make it work well.
  • Making Services Better: The IJB checks that services are good, that they focus on people’s needs, and that they follow the rules.
  • Working Together: It brings together different groups, like the local government, the NHS, and community organisations, to work together for better care.
  • Listening to You: The IJB wants to hear what you think about services and makes sure your voice is heard in their decisions.
  • Checking and Improving: It keeps an eye on how well services are doing, figures out how they affect people, and makes them better.

Our CEO, Takki, goes to these meetings and can tell them about any issues that people in Argyll & Bute think should be talked about in the IJB. You can view the agendas and minutes of previous IJB meetings on the council website IJB page.