Volunteering Policies

Volunteering policies are crucial for volunteering involving organisations to ensure the effective and ethical engagement of volunteers. The policies should outline clearly to all staff, volunteers, and users of the service why volunteers are involved.

We have listed some common volunteering policies:

  • Volunteer Recruitment – clearly outlines the process for selecting volunteers and specifies any required qualifications, skills and whether background checks will be required for the role. A written job description for the volunteer role is recommended as it provides an overview of expectations regarding commitment, hours, and performance.
  • Volunteer Induction – helps volunteers feel included and ensures they have all the information they need from the start. Induction might be delivered face to face, individually or as part of a group, it might be on-line or by handbook. Included in the induction may be a range of policies tailored to the organisation such as equal opportunities, data protection, home, and lone working policies.
  • Volunteer Code of Conduct – outlines acceptable behaviour including guidelines on confidentiality, respect, and professional conduct.
  • Volunteer Wellbeing – defines the support system for volunteers, the role of supervisors and who the volunteers can go to for assistance.
  • Volunteer Engagement – let volunteers know you’ll be giving them feedback periodically and in return they will be asked for regular feedback and will be given opportunities to put forward suggestions.
  • Volunteer Expenses – provide guidance on what is permitted as a reimbursable expense and the process for submitting expense claims.
  • Volunteer Recognition and Appreciation – outline the organisations approach to thanking volunteers and specify any awards, certificates or acknowledgements volunteers may receive.
  • Health and Safety – outlines the health and safety procedures for volunteers including relevant training, insurance, and emergency protocols.
  • Conflict Resolution – outlines the process for resolving conflicts between volunteers or with staff. It should provide a fair and transparent process for addressing issues and clearly define the circumstances under which a volunteer’s engagement may be terminated.


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