Are you running a warm space this winter?

Update our directory with your details!

At the TSI, we proudly support the community and third sector, especially during challenging times. With the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, the importance of voluntary sector services has never been greater. However, organisations are facing rising costs and an uncertain future while the demand for their services continues to grow.

This struggle places unprecedented pressure on those in poverty, with hundreds of individuals in Argyll & Bute facing tough choices, including prioritising basic necessities or heating their homes this winter.

We are in the process of updating our comprehensive list of Warm Spaces throughout the region where people can gather, stay warm, and connect. These spaces are open to the public or available for organisational meetings to help reduce heating costs.

Our goal is to create a comprehensive directory that encompasses public, private, health, and voluntary sectors. This directory will serve as a guide for those seeking warmth and companionship during the colder months.

To update or add your Warm Space to our directory, please email Lauren Martin with a minimum of the below information:

  • Organisation name
  • Venue
  • Address (including postcode)
  • Details of warm space, including days, times what to expect and who it is open to. 

We will publish the information on our website and share any images received on our social media channels.

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