Argyll and Bute Sexual Health Services


Waverley Care are currently trying to gather the experiences of those in Argyll and Bute who have had any experience of accessing, or seeking to access, sexual health services in the area.

At Waverley Care, we know that across Argyll and Bute some people are struggling to access sexual health services. Everyone in Scotland, regardless of where they live, has a right to access support, services and treatment, but we know that this is simply not happening. We are looking at what we can do about these challenges to make sure that everyone has access to the care that they deserve.

If you have been affected by issues with accessing sexual health services, or want to share your thoughts, please complete this form. You do not need to respond to every question. You can also leave your response anonymous, or you can provide contact details so we can keep you up to date with how the work progresses. Nothing you share will be identifiable to you.
If you would prefer to have a conversation over email or the phone, instead of filling in the survey, please get in touch with Debbie Lees on [email protected], or 07540 716815.