Deadline extended to 14th of February!

Seed Grant Opportunity for Climate Action! Closing for applications on Feb 14

Are you part of a community group in Argyll and Bute passionate about tackling climate change? The Seed Grant, funded by the Scottish Government, and overseen by a collaboration between Act, Argyll and Bute Third Sector Interface and Time for Change Argyll & Bute, the Argyll and Bute Climate Action Network Hub is here to support your innovative ideas! Grants from £250 to £1,500 are available for projects that:

  • Raise climate change awareness
  • Foster community partnerships for climate action
  • Encourage innovative solutions
  • Amplify local voices for environmental advocacy
  • Create a sustainable future for all

Community councils, trusts, organisations, charities, and CICs in Argyll and Bute can apply. Let’s work together towards a net zero future!

Contact [email protected] for guidance or [email protected] for group setup support.

Author Lauren Martin

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