Health and Social Care budget consultation 2024-2025

As previously reported on the potential community impact of the council’s budget proposals the Argyll and Bute HSCP is in a similarly challenging position with a need to find £11.4million of cuts.  They are currently consulting on budget options here using a budget simulator.

There are some massive budgetary pressures many related to a shortage of funds and rising costs but some also due to staff shortages amongst other factors.  Care at Home service delivery is suffering in particular but all service areas have been asked to contribute savings to meet the budget gap.  Personally I would invest heavily in early intervention, preventative services and community provision to help keep people independent and healthy for longer thus reducing demand for higher cost services.  There are some encouraging local programmes such as Living Well but I suspect national direction (and investment funding) will be needed to change the way we invest in health and social care.

Responses are needed by 10th March.  Budding keyboard analysts are urged to dig into the detail and present some alternatives – what would you do if you were in charge?!  You have a chance to let the decision makers know so do take part.

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