Inveraray Pier Update December 2023

The work officially started on phase 1 of the restoration of the pier.
Completed w/c 20/11/23
  • Moved all materials belonging to Marine Blast to allow access.
  • Picked and cleaned out 80% of pointing scope.
  • Removed sections of existing hand rail.
  • Erected 15m of new hand rail
  • Lifted areas of deck stones in preparation for grouting at the pier head
  • Met with electrical engineer and requested quotation for street lights and power supply to pier end.
  • Erected new gate to timber

Completed w/c 27/11/23

  • Grout placed
  • Pointing if the cobbled part continued
  • Pier deck reinstated
  • Hand rails replaces and new ladder ready for installation

Completed 04/12/24

  • New ladders and railings have been installed on the stairs and pier walls.
  • Timber runners are ready to be installed to protect the ladders and slipway from any damage from vessels approaching the pier.
  • Part of the pier is covered to protect the cobbles that are still to be grouted and pointed from the frost.
  • Cobbles have been sourced to fill the last ‘gap’ on the pier walkway.